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Brownells is a website that offers a wide selection of gun parts, accessories, and gunsmithing tools. It has been around since 1939 and is one of the leading suppliers of gun parts on the web.

Here is a complete Brownells Online Gun Shop Review:

IS GUNS.COM LEGIT ? was once a blog site that reviewed and talked about various kinds of guns. Their niche is centered on everything about firearms. Later on, they decided to give their website a little change and tried to enter the world of sales.

However, unlike your ordinary firearm selling websites, opens its site to buy and sell guns. You can sell your used guns (as long as they pass the quality check), and other interested individuals can get them for a much lower price than a brand new gun.

Also, there are rare guns that you can find only on their website, which you can get for a fair price. Good deal, right?

This site offers a wide range of handguns, rifles, and shotguns equipped with the right accessories such as revolvers, derringer pistols, and more. They also updates and focuses on giving you the new and daily arrivals of their products.

You can also browse and shop all of your lifestyle needs in the lifestyle section of their website.

Here we feature products that you can utilize in your daily lives, such as t-shirts, caps, beanies, gears, patches, and even coffee. is indeed a one-stop-shop for all the gun connoisseurs out there.



Selling second-hand or used items can be challenging, especially if you do it yourself. It is difficult to find a potential buyer, especially in the arms industry. That is their primary reason for launching and upgrading their blog site to a buy and sell website to help the community to sell their firearms.


If you are planning to purchase your first ever gun but on a tight budget, you may consider making your first purchase here.

Buying in on their website is very simple, browse through their vast array of gun selections (trust me, they have a lot to choose from), add it to your cart and continue to the checkout section to fill up your payment form. Unlike other shops that sell guns, this online gun shop will take care of your Federal Firearms License (FFL).


Suppose you will be the one to sell your firearms, then this website is still the best online site for you. You will be able to sell your gun in no sweat. Still, you need to adjust and compromise the price to meet the budget of the prospective buyers of your gun. No worries, you can still sell your used firearms at a fair price for both the seller and buyer.

Selling here is as easy as buying a firearm. You will only need to fill up the selling form. After that, you can get an offer from the buyer, and upon accepting it, the store will send you a courier to transport your gun.

Easy, right?


Even though it sells used and second-hand firearms, it is guaranteed that all guns such as rifles and pistols are all in good and quality condition. The sellers of these firearms fill up a form, and the store ensures that no below-the-quality guns are being sold on their website.

A lot of reviews come from real people who purchased from their testimonies and guaranteed the quality of the used firearms on the site. They also say that the quality of the guns is much more excellent in actual use than the description being posted.

The site carefully assesses and evaluates every firearm they are posting and selling on their online website shop. Inspecting all firearms being sold to every individual is part of the quality check of their products.

Therefore, buying or even selling your arms here is the best option. They are certified sellers that are trusted by a lot of connoisseurs.


There are no serious issues and problems regarding customer and product service. The people behind the online gun store are all accommodating and will answer all your important questions about their selling firearms. They will also help you choose the best and right one for you if you are still undecided about what to purchase. Upon purchasing, they will send a proof picture of your order to confirm if they get it right.

Their customer service and the helpline are indeed helpful in many ways.


Nobody is perfect. That is why every online shop website also has its pros and cons. To complete this review here are some of the pros and cons that you might encounter.

Brownells Online Gun Shop Review Cons

The Bottom Line

Upon searching for online weapon retailers, you might stumble on various websites and online stores. Still, you must be mindful of whom you are buying, especially firearms. Some of these retailers offer high to average prices of weapons. However, it will still depend on the quality, model, style, and size that you are looking for.

On top of it, this website is still ranked as the best online website shop in this industry. With its wide array of selection, from pistols to rifles, you will find the best gun for you.