12 Best Online Gun Stores: New & Used [2022]

Is your “LGS” or Local Gun Shop not meeting the price points or carrying the inventory you want?
Try buying your guns with confidence online!

Don’t Worry… it won’t ship directly to your house without a background check. You’ll have to follow the normal procedure for your City/State and ship to your local shop/dealer with an FFL (Federal Firearms License).

If you have any more questions on HOW and WHY to buy online? Check out our guide.

Instead…we’re going to cover WHERE to buy your guns online. There’s a bunch and here’s our list that we’ve bought from personally and had great experiences.

I’ll break them down in categories so you can confidently pick the one that’s right for you… from auctions to big outdoors retailers, legit online stores, face-to-face transactions, and where to find the more “interesting” guns.

Best Online Gun Stores

#1. Brownells

Brownells.com is a major gun retailer that offers everything from ammo and parts to optics, accessories, and more. Their selection runs the gamut, offering products for all types of firearms, including rifles, pistols, shotguns, and more. They’ve been in business since the 1930s, so they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their offering.

They only sell new guns, not used ones like some retailers do. They also have a very large selection with loads of options for every product type. This means you won’t have to scour multiple stores to find the exact item you’re looking for.

Brownells has excellent customer service as well. They offer free shipping on orders over $49 and their return policy is very generous—they offer returns on most new items within 90 days.

Brownells is one of our most trusted suppliers because of their large selection of firearms and accessories as well as their excellent customer service and generous return policy.

#2. Palmetto State Armory: Lowest Prices

Palmetto State Armory is one of the largest firearm retailers in the United States. Their selection, prices, and customer service are top notch and to boot, they offer a lifetime warranty on all firearms, accessories, and ammunition.

Their selection is massive. You can find anything you need for your firearm here from parts to accessories and even ammunition. If I’m looking for a new gun and I don’t know where to start, their online gun builder program is just what you need.

If you want to customize your firearm yourself at home or are looking for a gunsmith to help you with that perfect AR-15 build, they have what you need.

Most importantly they have an incredible customer service team ready to help you out. They have very fast shipping as well so if you order today it will likely be in your hands in just a few days time. The next time you are looking for something firearm related give them a look!

#3. Kentucky Gun Company

Kentucky Gun Company is a great store for all your firearms needs, with a giant selection of new and used guns, accessories, and ammunition for hunting, target shooting, and home defense. An extremely well-stocked brick-and-mortar store that has partnered with many of the most well-known brands in the industry—including Glock, SIG Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, and more—the company also offers its products online through its website.

With a huge selection of new firearms, you can find just about anything you’re looking for here: handguns as well as long guns, rifles, shotguns and carbines in both pistol caliber and rifle caliber. This includes single shot weapons as well as semi-automatic firearms and revolvers; hard-to-find ammunition for handguns as well as rifles; reloading equipment; concealed carry holsters; optics; laser sights; slings and mounts; grips; stocks; gun cleaning tools; knives; flashlights; hearing protection—you name it.

If you’re not sure what you want or need to do some comparison shopping between various brands or models of the same type of gun or accessory, try Kentucky Gun Company, and you’ll never regret!

#4. Gunbroker

I like Gunbroker for its great selection of new and used firearms. The site has over two million registered users, so it’s a huge community of buyers and sellers. If you’re looking for a gun, this is the place to go. It seems to have everything from handguns to rifles to shotguns and even airguns. Availability is good as well. You can find almost anything you want here, including some really specialty pieces.

Gunbroker also has a category for tactical gear, which is cool. They also have a good selection of parts and accessories, such as grips and stocks. One thing that makes Gunbroker stand out is that they have an excellent customer service department. Their support staff is very helpful, and they always provide top-notch service to their customers.

Overall, I think Gunbroker is one of the best auction sites because it has a wide selection of firearms and other products at very reasonable prices.

#5. Armslist

When I want to shop for a new gun, I go straight to Armslist. They have a wide selection of weapons and accessories, with a focus on high-quality products. You’ll be able to find everything you need in one place, including pistols, revolvers, bolt-action rifles, semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. Additionally, they have a great selection of holsters and sights that are perfect for any type of firearm.

If you’re looking for something specific or if there is something missing from their catalog, then you can always contact customer service directly on their website’s live chat feature.

#6. Sportsmans Warehouse

Sportsmans Warehouse started out as just one store in the Midwest back in 2008. But, since then it has grown into one of the largest gun and sports stores in the country. In fact, Sportsmans Warehouse now has over 150 locations all across the United States.

This online store is known for having a wide selection of guns, ammo, sporting goods and more available at their store. They also carry many different brands and styles of guns like handguns and rifles. Some of their most popular brands include Remington, Browning, Mossberg, Winchester and Smith & Wesson.

With so many different types of guns and ammo available at Sportsmans Warehouse it is no wonder why they are one of the most popular gun stores in the country. If you are looking for a good gun shop or sporting goods store then this is definitely a great place to look!

#7. Rainier Arms

Rainier Arms is a solid choice. They have all the major brands, including some that you won’t find anywhere else. The inventory is massive, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask—they can probably get it for you.

Rainier Arms is known for its excellent customer service, which includes a lifetime warranty on all of their products. They are happy to help with any questions or problems you may have, and they even offer free shipping on orders over $99. The website is very user-friendly, as well. And if you’re in the area (Auburn, Washington), stop in and say hello!

#8. Rifle Gear

When you think of the perfect place, it’s tough not to think of Rifle Gear. Not only does Rifle Gear provide an excellent selection of firearms and firearm accessories, but it also gives customers some incredible perks. For example, Rifle Gear offers free shipping on orders over $100 and no minimum order requirement.

The store is known for its quick customer service response times and excellent technical support—so if you run into any issues at all, you can rest easy knowing someone from the team will be there to help you out ASAP.

Rifle Gear is especially known for its selection of AR-15s, so if that’s what you’re after, this is your spot!

#9. Euro Optic

Euro Optic is the online go-to for anyone looking for high-quality optics for hunting or military purposes. They specialize in everything from red dots and reflex sights to binoculars and rifle scopes, with a focus on brands like Trijicon, Leica, Swarovski, Kahles and Steiner.

Their customer service department is staffed by experts who can answer all your questions about everything from how a specific piece of equipment will work to what mounting system you need to use it. The support staff at Euro Optic will even mount and sight-in your new gear before shipping it off to you.

They have a huge selection of both tactical and hunting riflescopes, along with spotting scopes, binoculars and night vision gear. If you’re looking for top-notch quality without having to pay department store prices, Euro Optic is definitely worth checking out.

#10. Guns.com

Guns.com is one of the top online gun stores in the country. Offering a wide-ranging selection of firearms, ammo, and accessories to suit all your gun needs, This is the only place you need for hunting, tactical and sport shooting supplies. The store’s large selection extends from the most popular handguns like Colt 1911s and Glock pistols to hard-to-find vintage calibers such as .44 Magnums and .38 Specials.

There’s also a huge selection of rifles, shotguns, revolvers and more to fit any taste or budget. Whether you’re looking for a rare collectible or a bargain on everyday gear, Guns.com has something for every shooter. With many years in business, the store has earned a reputation for providing quality firearms at competitive prices.

Guns.com is one of our top recommended online gun stores because they ship guns directly to you and offer great customer service and guarantees on every purchase.

#11. GrabAGun

Grabagun is one of the most impressive online gun stores on the market. Their selection of guns is hard to beat and their prices are always better than fair. If you’re looking for a hand gun, shot gun or rifle for personal use or your business,

Grabagun has something that will fit your needs perfectly. They have an incredibly large selection of pistols, shotguns and rifles from all the top brands like Glock, Remington, Ruger and Smith & Wesson.

Not only do they carry all the major brands, but their customer service is some of the best out there. They make sure each customer gets a personalized experience and they go above and beyond to meet their needs.

If you’re looking for a high quality firearm at an affordable price with great customer service to back it up, you need to check out Grabagun today!

#12. CheaperThanDirt

CheaperThanDirt is a bit of a misnomer, as it’s not actually cheaper than dirt to buy guns here. The prices are comparable to other online gun stores, but the selection and quality of the products offered makes this store well worth a visit.

If you’re looking to buy handguns or rifles online, CheaperThanDirt has a great selection from all your favorite brands. They also stock shooting accessories and tactical gear, so you can pick up everything you need for the range in one place. If you’re serious about your firearms, this is definitely a store worth checking out.

Final Words!

Buying guns online can be a practical, safe, and enjoyable experience. When you buy from stores like the ones we’ve recommended here, you can rest assured that you’re getting great service. Armed with the knowledge here, you’ll be able to find just what you need at the best prices available on the web. Have fun!