Cabela’s Gun Library [2022] Buyer’s Guide

Yes they will deal on used guns and they will also deal on the offer they make you on your guns.

Cabela’s Gun Library boasts a friendly-chain version of your LGS (Local Gun Shop) however the recent merger has seemed to hurt selections. Prices seem to be comparable and still negotiable, but you probably won’t find a steal of a deal here and may not be able to find exactly what you want.

They’re always overpriced on just about everything. Gunpowder and primers end up cheaper than ordering online b/c of the HAZMAT fees. Kershaw knives can sometimes be found at steep discounts.

The typical Cabela’s Gun Library Outfitter salary is $12 per hour. Gun Library Outfitter salaries at Cabela’s can range from $12 – $14 per hour.

Yes, Cabela’s is an FFL. Cabela’s is no longer doing private FFL transfers but you can still purchase your firearms from a licensed FFL dealer and have it shipped to you nearest Cabela’s store without issue.

The Cabela’s Gun Library is a destination for firearms new and used.

Bass Pro privately merged with Cabela’s in 2017 in a $4 Billion deal.

Cabela’s Gun Library is just one of many places to buy guns online. If you want a list of the most recommended online gun shops then find our review here. You may find a better deal or even a more desirable gun easily available online from a reputable dealer.