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How to Grow in Your Faith During Covid-19

It is common for religious people to go to church. During the coronavirus pandemic, many people are not able to go to church. The coronavirus should not be an excuse for you not to grow in your faith. You should still follow your religious routines even during the pandemic. You will still grow your faith even with the pandemic being there if you follow the tips discussed below.

Virtually attend online churches. It is possible to virtually attend an online church if you have a laptop, a TV or a smartphone. Make sure that nothing is destructing you when virtually attending an online church. It is advisable not to log in to your social media accounts during an online church service as you will get destructed. You can switch off your phone during the church service to ensure that you are not destructed. If you are interested in knowing a variety of programs that are perfect for kids, watch online church services.

You should not leave your kids behind when it comes to the growth of faith during the coronavirus pandemic. If you consistently encourage your kids to join you when watching online church services, they will eventually join you. If you have very small kids, plan for activities and crafts that explain more about different bible lessons and stories. If you have teenagers around you, plan lessons that revolve around their social lives. Creating lessons for teenagers is hard, and it consumes a lot of time. You can look for a variety of programs on the internet if you are having a hard time coming up with them. You need to be careful when looking at this variety of programs to avoid choosing the wrong ones.

Giving to the needy is an act of worship. Give extra clothes, money, tools and food to the people who do not have one. There are many needy people who are in existence. For instance, there are some people who need clothes, money, tools and food. It is good to donate what you have in plenty. You can visit these people and give them your donations. However, make sure that you observe the covid-19 safety measures. If you are not willing to go and meet these people, there are a variety of programs that you can use to donate these things. However, be careful when looking of this variety of programs to avoid giving your money or clothes to thieves. Above is a discussion on how to grow in your faith during the covid-19 pandemic.

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